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Advantages of CMS website

Content management systems or CMS websites are sites that look the same as any other but are easy for anyone to edit. We offer bespoke design and development with integrated CMS- you might say it’s the best of both worlds. Lots of our clients enjoy the benefit of a professionally built website that they can then maintain themselves. In today’s post we’re looking at the top 5 benefits of a CMS website.

Keep content fresh

Integrated CMSs allow you to be in control of making updates to your website. This means that changing content couldn’t be quicker. You’ll be able to keep content on the site fresh and relevant rather than waiting while your developer to do it for you. You can react to current events or change details as quickly as necessary, something your competitors won’t be able to do without a CMS.

Make corrections quickly

Making corrections is also much faster, instantaneous if necessary, meaning false information or content mistakes are corrected as quickly as possible. Mistakes happen but it’s how you deal with them that matters. When you’re in control you’ll be able to reduce the number of errors that occur and quickly correct any that happen.

Saves you money

Because you’re making the changes in-house you’ll save money on website maintenance. You won’t have to pay maintenance retainers to a development company or pay every time you need a content edit making to your site. Making the changes yourself is also much quicker. You don’t have to spend time putting the changes together and explaining them to someone else. You know what you want and have the freedom to do it.

Easy collaboration

Your CMS can be tailored to allow different levels of access to staff. By restricting some areas and but making others editable by everyone you can safely allow your staff to make updates too. The system will include the ability to draft changes which can then be reviewed by a line manager or co-worker. You’ll soon see how easy this makes it for staff to collaborate on content.

Improved communication

When you’re in control of your web content this instantly improves your ability to communicate with site visitors. You can also update the website with new information that addresses the problems of your users. It’s also possible to add a blog or news area to your site- the greatest tool for keeping content fresh. Through the CMS you can vet and respond to comments on your blog, ensuring your customers feel engaged but also keeping your website safe.

If you’re considering a new website with the added benefitted of an integrated CMS contact us today.

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