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Website design

Website design


The website is an essential part of marketing strategy for any business, no matter how small or big. It is like a shop window, only not behind the glass but on the screen.

Website design is all about functionality, user-friendliness and the right visual impression.

How many times have you left a website and clicked on another one just because you either could not find the desired information quick enough, or some links were broken, or maybe you were put off by the look of the website?

The secret of a successful website is the ability to capture the audience's attention by serving them the right amount of information and appropriate imagery. With Pegu Design, being a graphic design company as well as a web design company, you can be sure that the aesthetic side of your website will be excellent too.

Pegu Design specialises in delivering a functional, user-friendly web design and development, with an emphasis on the SEO and accessibility. All our websites are modern device compatible; meaning they will work and display correctly on mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and anything between these screen sizes.

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What you get:


  • Professional website design
  • User-friendly, SEO friendly and mobile-friendly website
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts
  • Website submission to the leading search engines including Google
  • Free photography session on orders over £500 (this can be commercial, product or event photography for the images to be used on your new website)
  • 10% discount on orders over £1000
  • No hidden costs
  • Unique design tailored to your company's needs
  • Friendly service
  • Free, no obligation quote
  • Competitive prices
  • On-time delivery


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