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Brand identity design

Brand identity design


I came across opinions based on believing that branding is the visual look and feel of certain company or product. Branding is perhaps slightly more complex than perceived by many of us.

It is the way audience feels about a company or product.

This can be influenced by consistency in design, but also by a quality of product or service that the brand delivers. Having a good logo and colour scheme that is used consistently throughout print and web certainly helps people to memorize the brand and makes it easy to recognize. But no matter how good the brand design is, if the consumer does not feel the product or service is good enough or if it is not what one is looking for, the brand will be perceived negatively.

It is extremely important to market research your customers and ask relevant questions to see how they feel about your brand.

Do stick to using the same colours, font and style on stationery, packaging, leaflets etc. as the visual appeal is what triggers peoples memories and they categorize you equally. Imagine if Tesco suddenly built a bright yellow fuel station with a red or green signs. You would have thought you are at Morrison's or Shell garage!

That is why it really makes sense to have all these important components designed by the same company that knows exactly how to combine these elements in order to create a successful branding.

The key is to evoke a trust in your audience and create a loyalty factor through which they can relate to your products and services.

Branding is something that brings a long term achievements and can't be rushed or underestimated.

Pegu Design has created numerous brand identities for start-up companies as well as established businesses. The flexibility in being able to provide professional graphic design as well as web design and photography makes Pegu the perfect design partner for your new branding adventure.


What you get:


  • Professional brand identity design
  • Thorough research about the history, audience, corporate message and goals
  • Friendly service
  • Free, no obligation quote
  • Competitive prices
  • On-time delivery
  • Unlimited changes to the design until you are happy with the result


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