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The power of promotional marketing

With digital marketing reaching new levels it can become easy to forget just how important promotional marketing is in terms of freebies. Know your audience and know your market before you dip your hand into the world of promotional products. At Pegu Design we understand the need for clear and high quality design from websites and logos, to leaflets and promotional material. Have a look at our tips and ideas below to better market your business.

It doesn’t need to be expensive

One of the main concerns for any business is cost. Allowing different budgets for certain areas of a company generally makes for a smoother-running business. Factoring in promotional products is definitely not a wasted investment and will not be too tight on your pocket.

Whether you are a smaller company looking to get yourself known, or an established one looking to retain customers and gain new ones, promotional material is cost effective. Compared to large scale advertising, promotional products can have just as much of an impact.

Reach a wider audience across multiple platforms

Television and radio ads are of course an important area of marketing but these have their downsides and are not necessarily the best option for all business. Promotional material can be made to work in your favour and suit the needs and goals of your company.

Smaller businesses and lower budgets, particularly those offering local services would not need to spend large amounts on tele-publications. Consider too your audience. Are you targeted at the old or young? Will the promotional products matter to them? If you have a varied target audience products can allow you to reach a wider volume.

Boost your company’s reputation

If you show your customers or potential customers that you are an active business they will be more inclined to seek your services. Your message and brand can be conveyed at anytime, anywhere, and will have a more lasting effect than fleeting TV or radio ads.

People like free things and to feel like they matter. Promotional products are a way of giving something back to your customers to say thank-you, or as a way of enticing new customers. Loyalty schemes are commonly used now amongst businesses and promotional products are no different from this.

Variety of products available to suit all businesses

Many companies have had a lot of success when launching their business or a specific product by giving away promotional matter. If your store is holding an opening, having giveaways to gain and sustain business is essential. Perhaps the most versatile of all promotional products are pens; used by everyone regardless of age or gender, pens are always a good (cheap!) starting point.

If you can, relate it to your area of business. Food, candy stores or cafes could give away branded samples, mugs or labelled sweet/teabag tins. Kitchen and home stores might offer branded home accessories, china/glassware or aprons. For technology-based companies, consider promotional USB sticks or other essential office supplies. There really is no limit on what to promote on.

Ship for free

Offer to ship goods for free, it’s a useful selling tool. Free shipping is golden carrot to dangle in front of customers and more often than not, it’s a great deal clincher.


Promotional marketing is proven to be a successful and effective method of marketing, need we say more? We can help you with the design and production of various marketing materials including branded stationery, here at Pegu Design. If you are interested in getting your business up and running, let us help with your brand design and website. Get in touch today.

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