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Tips to boost online sales

One of our earlier blogs examined the advantages of online advertising but how do you ensure your web-based campaign is a success? This article looks at the complex world of online advertising and it gives you tips to send sales soaring in the future.

Improve the look of your website:

Customers are more likely to convert browsing into sales if they enjoy the shopping experience. Part of the key to success is to have a good looking website so invest in this area and reap the rewards afterwards. Pay a good website design to transform the look of the site, use good graphics, rich content and make sure the site is fully optimised.

Speed up the site:

People use a variety of platforms to make purchases today, they shop on laptops, tablets and smartphones. They expect super-slick sites that are speedy to navigate, they don’t want to spend ages waiting for pages to load. Check the speed of your site, if the pages are loading slowly you might want do something about that before you start losing customers.

Make the site user-friendly:

Look at your website from the customer’s point of view, how easy is it for them to navigate their way around? Does it have plenty of visuals to keep the customer amused, are the features simple to understand, if you were shopping on the site for the first time, would you find it a happy shopping experience? Customers like to be able to connect with a company quickly, they want to get to relevant parts of the site quickly otherwise they’ll click off and go shopping elsewhere.

Run promotions:

Regular promotions are a good way to increase online sales, offer discounts on products or buy-one-get-one-free on some items as well. Promotions are a good way to attract customers to your website and once they are browsing your pages they’ll be tempted to drop other items in their online basket.

Ship for free:

Offer to ship goods for free, it’s a useful selling tool. Free shipping is golden carrot to dangle in front of customers and more often than not, it’s a great deal clincher.

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